About Us


 Fred Williams learned how to weld while serving as a Private in the  United States Army during the Korean War.  Once he returned, he worked  on his craft until he decided to use his skills and open his own weld  shop.

Fred Williams’ dream of owning his own business began in 1973 in a two car garage. He  started this company by putting his customers first and striving to  deliver the best quality product, for the lowest price, in the shortest  amount of time. It is this  philosophy that has allowed Fredrick Welding to not only keep their  doors open for over 45 years, but expand from a two car garage weld shop  into a 35,000 square foot welding and machining shop.

We’re committed to building a product you can be proud of!

Our  talented team prides themselves on being a full service machine shop.   We provide our customers with a wide range of services including,  fabricating from drawings, assisting with the creation of custom  designs, and helping with repairs to existing parts.  This shop personifies Fred's beliefs of hard work and family values, and we will  assist you in whatever it takes to get the job done. 

                                                                                          In Memory of Fred Williams